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I'm Travis Smith, A full time student at Tallahassee Community College and a part time cook at Zaxbys (Chicken Hell). I'm interested in just about everything, and this blog is where everything I want to talk about ends up, because frankly, my girlfriend is tired of hearing about dropa stones and klein bottles. Feel free to Email me at: Travis.Blane.Smith@gmail.com

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The name game!

I wanted this name to describe the blog in one or two words, and I think I accomplished that. I knew the name had to be something to do with the brain, because a lot of what I have to talk about will only be interesting to people who are either really smart, or people who read stuff on lots of sporadic topics like me. I don't think theres many people who listen to recordings of Alan Watts (British Philosopher), and Clifford Stoll (US Author and Astronomer) in the same sitting, but I know you guys are out there and this Blog is for you.

Back to the name game.
I started with the idea of the brain and my name...
TravBrain, TravysNoodle, BrainSmith
None of them were perfect.
Maybe something crazy that will get peoples attention!
Pomeranian Handjob!
No thanks, back to the brain.
I need something that would show up in a search engine like Google.
Big Brain... hmm.
Brain= head, cranium, dome
Then I thought back to the days of PB&J Otter, Thats right, NOODLE!
now a word for big...
It was shouting at me. I was using Google chrome, searching Google for a word for big to go in my Blog that was powered by Google. Googolnoodle was born

or 10100

Googolnoodle was born.