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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Future Sailor Smith

So I joined the Navy.
I leave for basic on November 8th, and after about a year of training I'll join the submarine fleet as a firing technician if all goes well.
Needless to say, I am very excited!
The only sad thing is I won't get so see my wonderful family, friends and girlfriend Cara for a while.
Not looking forward to that part fo-sho.
That's the gist of it, more details about the kind of submarines I hope to be on below the boring line.


I went to MEPS last week, passed my physical and signed my life away.
I volunteered for Submarine duty, and signed a five year active duty contract for SECF (Submarine Electronics/Computer Field) Which is exactly what I wanted. At my A-School I'll get to pick what I specialize in, and I think it'll be Firing Technician (I'll be the guy that tells the missile or torpedo where to go in the event that we have to shoot one.) And if I get to pick, I want to be on "Boomers" or "SSBN's" or "Ohio Class" or "BIG-ASS submarines with BIG-ASS nukes on board."
These babies are 560 feet long! That's almost 2 football fields bro.
They can travel t speeds more that 20 knots underwater without making a sound, Crazy eh?
That's one of the reasons I wanted to join the submarine fleet, they have some of the most high-tech technology in the world on board that one day i'll get to work with.
The other reason is they have small crews, I think a total of 154 men make up the crew of a submarine.
The small crew makes for high morale, and everyone is like family on board.
Below are a few pictures of my future work place.
Not actual size.

If you look closely, you can see a few sailors at the top of the tower. Lucky.


  1. Not an ordinary choice of career. Never boring i would imagine.

  2. good luck, this seems nice :)

  3. gosh, i love submarines
    amazing machines

  4. thanks for serving our country!

  5. Wow man, great ambition - Wish you so much luck with pursuing it. A great cause.


  6. Good for you for going through with such a life changing decision. I had thought about joining the military for the longest time. I may do Army OCS after college. Stay tough!

  7. Being in a submarine underwater for long periods of time ._.
    You've got balls of steel.

  8. Sounds like a sweet gig! Good luck!

  9. Intense stuff man. Keep safe in the navy!

  10. Working on a sub would totally be badass.