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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Klein Bottles!

What do you get when you take two mobius loops, and glue their common edges together?
A Klein Bottle of course!
Cliff Stoll behind the meter tall Klein Bottle
It has no volume, and it's inside is it's outside!
Would you like to own one of these "impossible" shapes?
you can buy them here!

A Genius named Clifford Stoll (pictured above) creates this mathematical art.


  1. didnt know you could buy these. I have seen crazy ones though. I'm imagining putting water in it hrmmmm

  2. These bottles are so sweet. I love just looking at them and how, like you said, you can't really put water into it that easily. These don't seem to have a practical use, besides being awesome. I might get one of these some day...

  3. the greatest bottles in the whole deep blu sea!

  4. Wow that thing will melt our brains!